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Your buttocks that, despite exercising and a healthy lifestyle, do not want to become firm and round … Your waist that is suddenly invisible after the transition … And your stomach, which is no longer as tight as you are used to after a number of pregnancies.

You have heard of the 360º body contouring techniques performed in America and South America. You would like this too, but the distance stops you. Because how nice is it to be picked up by your partner after the procedure? And to be able to recover at home and sleep in your own heavenly bed?

Essential Aesthetics had begun a search for the surgeon who has the skills, experience and training to deliver exactly those results. Italian plastic surgeon Luca Piombino masters the Latin American method like no other. By working together with Piombino, our patients can undergo this beautiful treatment, in a familiar environment, with the strict Dutch regulations for safety.

Liposculpting is a body contouring treatment that uses liposuction. With liposculpting, we model very precisely the body shape you want by removing fat in exactly the right places. In this way we literally mold the desired body parts millimeter by millimeter into the desired shape. Liposculpting is therefore the Michelangelo of plastic surgery.

With liposculpting your body has not suddenly changed beyond recognition. Your body still feels familiar. So totally you. Only in the right places will you finally lose those extra centimeters, and you will feel a lot firmer – and therefore more comfortable – in your skin. Your environment will therefore not say: “You have changed so much beyond recognition”, but: “You look so good. Have you been to the gym? ”

Natural and permanent results are what the liposculpting gives you. But that is actually not that much about for our clients, we notice in our aftercare processes. It mainly gives them a lasting boost inside. They are radiant in photos again. Fits back into precious garments. Lying on the beach in a bikini is becoming a matter of course again, rather than an exception.
Give yourself a gift that you deserve with liposculpting. You will enjoy it for years and years.

Luca Piombino is the Netherlands’ first plastic surgeon and Latin American body contouring specialist, who actually followed his training there.

At Essential Aesthetics he works together with our own Dutch surgeon Gabriel Jansen. Only and exclusively for Essential Aesthetics!

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