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Our clinic has been all about you as our patient for 6 years. By asking, listening and applying what we learn, we constantly improve our quality. You too play an essential role in this!

Brindusa Gritu’s vision has evolved from offering quality and expertise in cosmetic surgery, injectables and anti-aging to a total concept. EA Klinieken is there to empower and support women by balancing their appearance with their inner self. We have expanded our usual treatments to a total concept. From preventive information on aging and healthy nutrition to solutions and products that fit perfectly with every phase in your life as a powerful woman: we are here for you!
We use the experience and expertise of our international doctors, who have introduced us to the latest innovations in nutrition and aging prevention. We are also proud that more and more women are joining our beautiful concept.

A company created by a woman for women,


About Essential Aesthetics
Essential Aesthetics is a clinic that guides its patients through elegant aging. From inside and outside. A clinic that excels in quality and in giving personal attention. A team with access to innovative techniques and international expertise that aims to enhance the personal beauty of everyone in a natural way.

“With us you are seen and heard. We respect your wishes and your natural beauty and use the latest innovations to help you! ”

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